New Year’s Rainbow

IGAMES company wishes you Happy New Year and Happy Holidays! We sincerely wish you happiness, health and love! As a small gift, we want to offer you an alternative version of the rules for the recently printed board game Nizam, which radically changes the gameplay.

In essence, this is a new board game that uses the same components. It has an intriguing name “Rainbow. The eighth color.” And we hope that it will appeal to all those who liked the basic rules of the game, and for those who prefer such kind of games. It has very simple rules, and you can get the innovations rapidly. People who like to travel and are especially picky about the fact that the game takes up not much space on the table would like this version. Thus, in a compact “Nizam” box three light, beautiful and affordable board games are placed. Congratulations again to all the holidays!


Link to download the new version of the rules.