Special edition

The first edition of the boardgame My Happy Farm is over. Now it’s time for the second edition. All the illustrations are drawn again especially for it. As the precious time splendid Ukrainian artist Leonid Androschuk worked on them.

It was decided to add more color and Ukrainian humor. There are also some little changes in animals’ menu, which makes it more realistic and similar to what animals eat in our villages.

But that's not all – the gameplay is also changed. Now there are two variants of rules in the box: "family variant", which is a beloved by many from the first edition, and is great for the game in the family, and "advanced version", which should appeal the players with the experience. To play the new version of the rules, you will need the playing field and special wooden markers, which you will find in the box. Overall, the gameplay has been optimized and improved. This will give you the opportunity to get even more fun, and try a completely new version of the game.