“Mysterium” is a cooperative board game for 2-7 players. One player acts the part of a Ghost who lives in a deserted mansion. The other players are Psychics who have been specially invited by the owner of this old manor. They have to unravel the secret of the mansion and bring peace into its walls: at nights all people see very strange dreams at this mysterious place.

According to the old legend the Ghost is a soul of the former owner of the manor. Over 100 years ago he was punished for a committed crime. There were rumors that the man had been charged by mistake. Now getting into guests’ dreams, the Ghost is trying to tell people the truth about what happened in the mansion then. The Psychics have to recreate the events of that day. Thus, they will help ghost to expose the real culprit. In the case of success, the Psychics would have got another win. And of course they will get the financial reward from the owner of the manor. And the Ghost, in its turn, will gain peace forever and leave the mansion.

They have not much time to do this: only seven days…